11 Mood-Boosting Benefits of Colored Contacts

Benefits of wearing colored contact lenses

#1. Good physiological solubility, so long-term wear of RGP lenses is less likely to cause corneal hypertrophy and edema.
#2. High oxygen permeability, less likely to cause hypoxia and dry eye, and no change in corneal endothelial cell count.
#3. Better than soft colored contact lenses in preventing myopia or astigmatism deepening and vision correction.
#4. Simple maintenance and long service life; with proper care, lenses can last up to 2-3 years.
#5. Long-term use of lenses is inexpensive.
#6. Long-term use can maintain the physiological health of the cornea and is safe.
#7. For those who suffer from long-term oxygen deprivation, eye congestion or neovascularization, dry eyes, or poor vision correction due to soft colored contact lenses, they can switch to RGP lenses after their eyes are restored to health.
#8. Also according to domestic and international data: RGP lenses can effectively control the growth of myopia in adolescents.
#9. For young wearers, it can avoid frame glasses covering the eyes and facilitate the exchange of thoughts and feelings with eyes.
#10. Frame glasses frame shape and rim can often modify the wearer's face shape, while colored contact lenses do not have this disadvantage.
#11. Long-wearing frame glasses often occur in the collapse of the nose bridge, eye bulge, wearing colored contact lenses can avoid this change.

Benefits of Colored Contact Lenses

Disadvantages of Wearing colored contact lenses

  • #1. Eye resistance decreased

Color contact lenses will make the cornea can not contact the air, the eyes will be lack of oxygen and similar to the human body "plateau reaction" situation, can not be normal metabolism, resistant to decline.

  • #2. Cause eye allergies

Color contact lenses adsorb proteins, lipids, collagen, etc. in tears, which are deposited on the surface of the lens, breeding germs, corneal edema, corneal neovascularization and allergic reactions.

  • #3. Causing eye paralysis

Colored contact lenses attached to the eye for a long time, will make the nerve endings paralysis, resulting in corneal hyperalgesia. Many patients have ulcerative keratitis and are unaware of it.

  • #4. Wear the cornea, can not receive orthodontic treatment.

Color contact lenses wear the cornea, which may cause serious consequences of corneal epithelial detachment or perforation. Some colored contact lenses concavity and corneal convexity do not match, irregular wear corneal, causing corneal ulcers, resulting in irreversible vision loss, even after treatment will leave a white spot on the cornea.

  • #5. Myopia deepens, affecting the image.

Color contact lenses are difficult to obtain and myopia very consistent with the number of refractive error, resulting in the degree of deepening year by year, more than 600 degrees of high myopia most eyes bulging, dull eyes, affecting the image.

  • #6. Tear lipid layer destruction

The surface of normal tears is covered by a very thin lipid layer, whose role is to prevent tears from evaporating too quickly. After wearing colored contact lenses, because the relationship between lens materials and tears will compete for water, this layer of lipid layer will not be as stable as the original attached to the surface of tears, tears evaporate naturally faster.

  • #7. Colored contact lens complications

Dry eye, keratitis, conjunctivitis, reduced eye sensitivity, etc.

This is why you need to consider wearing colored contact lenses wisely, as well as taking care of your eyes.

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