Top 3 Most Natural Looking Blue Colored Contact Lenses

Blue eyes are one of rarer and more desirable eye colors across the globe. While blue is a very common eye color at birth, most people’s eyes will then change to another color with around only 10% keeping blue eyes throughout their adult life. If you’re one of the lucky few who has blue eyes then you may not be as inclined to try out colored contact lenses. If you have always dreamed of blue eyes then achieving them has never been easier with our range of blue contact lenses. We’ve listed our favorite blue lenses depending on what look you’re after.

Let's go through the list of our favorite blue contact lenses!

The Best Blue Contact Lenses For Your Eyes

Sharingan Blue Colored Contact Lenses

Sharingan Blue Colored Contact Lenses

If you want blue eyes you don’t necessarily have to aim for a color that resembles the sky, as there are a wide range of blue tones to choose from. One of our favorites is Sharingan Blue Colored Contact Lenses, a lens that’s deep and mysterious. Blending blue with a touch of green to add greater interest, this selection has a slight limbal ring to enhance your natural beauty and provide a touch of excitement.

Lenses with a hint of a pattern are quite fun to play around with too, and Sharingan Blue Colored Contact line-up does a great job at giving you blue eyes that sparkle and shine. A blend of blue, green, and a hint of gray around the pupil work to provide a feeling of depth that’s unlike anything else out there!

Sharingan Blue Contact Lenses

Solid Blue Colored Contact Lenses

Solid Blue Contact Lenses

Men and women looking for blue colored contacts that will make others say “wow” will likely want a more bold option, and Solid Blue Contacts gives you that exact look with their most popular Blue. A topaz shade that’s great for all complexions, it’s a great color to try if you’re new to wearing colored contact lenses. By far, this selection is one of the most natural options on the market.

Blue Cat Eye Colored Contact Lenses

Blue Cat Eye Contact Lenses

Cute and cartoony, Blue Cat Contact Lenses are a great choice for cosplay and Halloween costumes. These lenses have a gorgeous sky blue color, a vertical cat’s eye pupil and a black outer ring. The vertical pupil completely transforms your eyes and the outer ring makes them extra dramatic.

Lovelycontacts make it easy to create a freaky look. These high quality contact lenses come in a choice of styles, from block colors to Halloween lenses, scary designs and freaky costume contacts. Crazy contact lenses are light, soft and comfortable to wear. Their 40% water content ensures that your eyes stay hydrated and feel fresh all day.

The Miracle of Blue Eyes

Numerous studies have shown that blue-eyed people rank high according to their attractiveness. This physical characteristic contributes a lot to that. If you look at all those celebrities, you will envy their blue eyes, looking like the sky or the deep sea. You think they were lucky to be born that way, and you will envy them.

Now back to reality. Blue eyes are indeed at the top of the list of the most desirable ones, but it is far from the truth that most blue-eyed people are those you see on the TV screen. If you looked better, you would probably notice that a large number of celebrities wear lenses. Some do it for the sake of vision correction; others wear contacts exclusively for cosmetic purposes.

Tinted lenses are a trend that has been current for several years, and there is no end in sight. What’s more, visual aids brands are racing to launch contacts of more unusual colors and designs (yes, now your eyes can wear animal print too). Still, if you are not going that far but just want ‘normal’ blue eyes, consider wearing contacts.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Shade of Blue

If you look for a way to enhance your look without making any drastic changes, blue lenses are a great choice. Manufacturers offer a variety of shades, depending on the tone used in them. Here you can find out what things to consider when looking for colored contacts.

It is generally the rule that lenses with enhancement tint emphasize the natural color of the eyes. It would mean that if you have blue eyes that often change color to gray, these lenses can help that unusual color of your iris come to the fore. Generally, people with bright eyes should wear these models.

On the other hand, there are non-transparent lenses that completely change the color of the iris. If you choose those with a shade of amethyst, turquoise, or sapphire, you can cover the dark color of your eyes and completely change their appearance.

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