How To Take Care Of Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are cosmetic, non-prescription lenses, still regarded as medical devices. As such, they require proper care and attention in order to keep them healthy and comfortable on your eyes at all times. To do so, be careful when you store and handle your contacts before and after usage, pay attention while putting them on and be gentle when you take them off. 

Don’t know how? Here are some tips to help you take proper care of your lenses and preserve their radiant color, quality and comfort for as long as possible!

How to store and handle contact lenses properly

Handling contact lenses with care will preserve their quality better, thus making your eyes experience the same freshness as the first time you wore them.

Follow these tips to ensure you are taking care of your lenses properly:

  • Make sure to wash your hands properly every time you handle contact lenses, especially before putting them in your eyes or in their lens holder after usage. 
  • Clean the lenses only with lens solution instead of running water. Also, make sure to clean them in the evening, after removal, rather than in the morning. 
  • Store the lenses in their appropriate holder, filled with fresh solution. Remember to change the solution in the lens holder every evening! In addition, make sure to change the lens holder every three months. 
  • After having taken the contact out, allow the lens holder to dry completely before putting the lid on. This way you will lower the chances of bacteria growing inside the box. 
  • Organise the lenses inside the holder correctly. It is better not to swap contacts on your eyes, so pick one that is going to be your right lens and place it on the right side of the container. This way you will reduce any chances of eye infections. 

How to put in contact lenses properly?

Putting on colored contact lenses for the first time might seem scary and intimidating, however you get used to it very quickly. By the third or fourth time, you will be an expert.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Find a clean space with a mirror and a table, ideally in a light and aerated room. Place a clean cloth on the table and the lens box on top of it. If you drop one of the lenses, it will land the soft and clean surface of the cloth instead of the ground. 
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap to kill any possible bacteria. Next, rinse them carefully so no detergent is left on the lens when you touch it thus making sure nothing is transferred through the lens to your eye. Lastly, dry your hands with a clean tower before touching the contacts.
  • Take the contacts out of their box and put some cleaning solution on them. 
  • Check the lens orientation before putting it in your eye. Once you have the lens on your fingertip, the edges should be pointing upwards, that is how you know if it is orientated correctly. 
  • It’s showtime! Now you have to put the lenses in. Make sure to blink before putting the lens in the eye to create some tears and natural moisture. Look into the mirror and your eye directly. Pull down the lower lid of your eye with your index finger and place the lens gently on your eye, while not breaking eye contact with yourself. Do the same for the other eye and then blink slowly so your lenses go into the right place, sitting comfortably on your cornea. 

How to remove contact lenses properly

Removing contacts is a bit easier than putting them on. Here’s how:

  • First of all, get back in front of a mirror. 
  • Wash, rinse and dry your hands carefully going through the same process as you did to put the contacts on.
  • Look into the mirror, straight to your colored contact. 
  • Slide the lens gently with the soft tip of your finger, to the white part of your eye. Pinch the lens off your eye softly using no nails, just the soft parts of your fingers until it slips off. 
  • Clean the lenses one last time with contact lens solution before placing them in their box. 
  • Drop some more fresh solution on the box before closing the lids to keep the colored contact lenses and their color fresh. 

take care of colored contact lenses-2

Lastly, here’s a few final pieces of advice before we leave you. Do not share colored contact lenses with other people. Make sure to wear them within their expiration date and do not use them over their recommended period.

Also, put them on before doing your makeup and do not forget to take them off before you go to sleep and before removing the makeup.

Last but not least, if you experience allergies or discomfort, make sure to contact your optician. 

Keep your eyes safe and glowing at all times!

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